2016 Summer Institute Registration

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Registration for the Departments of Buddhist Studies (BUD), Languages (LAN), and Healing (HEA)

UPDATE NOTICE (as of May 8, 2016): Revised Registration Deadlines
May 29, 2016 (Sunday) — Residential Participation: If you require UBC accommodations and meals.*
June 17, 2016 (Friday)
 — Non-residential Participation: No UBC accommodations nor meals available.

*With the exception of residential participation in the Module 3 Science of Healing and Mindfulness course (HEA 300). To register for HEA 300 after May 29 email our Registrar, David Palmer, at dpalmer@nitarthainstitute.org. HEA 300 registration deadline: June 30, 2016.

Registration is a THREE STEP PROCESS:
Step 1.  Fill out the Program Registration Form
Step 2.  Fill out the Mindful Activity Assignment & Meal Order Form (all onsite students)
Step 3.  UBC Room reservation instruction will be emailed to you after your Mindful Activity Assignment & Meal Order Form submission has been received.