21 12, 2016

9-Day Intensive in Poland

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena 30 Sept–8 Oct 2016 Warsaw, Poland A nine day intensive Nitartha program was held Friday 30 Sept – Saturday 8 Oct, 2016 in downtown Warsaw’s beautiful, brand new, Dharma center. Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen has said that the center, known as Karma Dechen Choling, “delights all the Buddhas of the three times.” More than twenty students from Poland and Greece participated in the program. For seven students, this was their final course of the Intermediate Curriculum and they obtained the certificate of completion signed by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche at the celebratory ceremony which marked the end of the program. 9月30日至10月8日於波蘭華沙市中心,在嶄新的佛學中心卡瑪德謙秋林,迎來了九天密集式佛學研習營。有來自波蘭及希臘二十幾位同學圓滿完成,其中7位同學同時完成了正知學院佛學中級系列課程,在課程結束典禮上榮獲了本樂仁波切簽署的畢業證書。隨喜讚歎! 此期佛學營共設《五道十地:通向證悟的菩薩道》及《分析性禪修》倆課。由導師葉卡·哈迪斯(Jirka Hladiš)主講,教師培訓生托馬斯·史奇基爾斯基(Tomasz

21 12, 2016

Mind & Its World I and Clear Thinking

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Fall 2016 Boulder, CO This fall in Boulder, Colorado we have many students both local and online studying the foundational curriculum in the BUD 501 Mind & Its World I and BUD 502 Clear Thinking courses. Our own long-time faculty member Jirka Hladiš is presenting Mind & Its World I; he has been a part of Nitartha Intitute since 2002 and a faculty member since 2007. In addition we have two new teachers-in-training presenting the Clear Thinking course: Susan Aposhyan and Francis Sullivan. Susan Aposhyan lives here in Boulder and is a psychotherapist, writer, and teacher. She formally was a student of Trungpa Rinpoche, and now

21 12, 2016

Science of Creative Arts (SoCA) in Mexico

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena October 2016 Morelia, Mexico Mitra Karl Brunnhölzl taught on the Heart Sutra for a weekend and also gave an excellent two hour overview of The Five Treatises of Maitreya*. 於二零一六年十月份,導師卡爾•賓賀素 (Mitra Karl Brunnhölzl)為墨西哥莫里利亞的同學教授了一個以<心經>為題的週末課程,並舉行了一個關於<彌勒五論>的講座。* To complement the Heart Sutra teachings, Stephanie Johnston, taught three classes based on the Science of Creative Arts curriculum entitled “Symbolizing the Awakened Heart: Buddhist Visual Literacy and the Heart Sutra.”  The classes introduced the three main principles of Buddhist Visual Literacy (BVL)—visual literacy, valid cognition, and iconography—and applied them to the dilemma of symbolizing prajaparamita and its qualities in action. The classes started with guided meditations that provided a

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