14 01, 2020

Thank you to our Global Outreach donors!

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Thank you to all those who contributed to our 2019 Global Outreach campaign! We are very happy to report that we raised more than $19,000 of our ambitious goal of $20,000. Thanks to your support, we will be able to reach more people by: Raising more awareness around the globe about our Summer Institute and online campus. Helping keep students connected through social media and the Nitartha newsletter. Making it easier for people to learn about Nitartha by redesigning our website to make the information more easily accessible and readable. Donations are still being accepted. Read more!

11 01, 2020

How Tibetan translators can benefit from attending Nitartha Institute classes

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Are you a professional or an aspiring Tibetan translator? Here are 5 reasons how studying at Nitartha Institute – with its foundation, intermediate and advanced curriculum classes – can help you:  You learn to understand basic Buddhist terminology and ideas/concepts, that are common in Hinayana and Mahayana schools. The foundation curriculum lays the ground with cognitive theory, ontology and logic. The Nitartha foundational curriculum teaches precise definitions, meaning, and usage of critical distinctions, such as when would you use “mind” or “consciousness” or “awareness” in your translations. By fully understanding the Pramana traditions, your translations will gain consistency and clarity. Make translation

8 01, 2020

2020 Offerings

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Don’t Miss This Year’s Offerings! Pre-Summer Online Course Registration is Now Open! Click here for information about the pre-summer Mahamudra shamatha, Mahamudra Vipashyana-I, and Luminous Essence (Guhyagarbha) courses, including eligibility requirements and applications. (For those who are going to attend the 2020 Summer Institute and who meet the eligibility criteria.) New Discussion groups: Register now for our first in a series of online discussions with Nitartha faculty: Madhyamaka with Israel Lifshitz, on January 18, 10-11am Pacific time. Free of charge. (This discussion is particularly recommended for those who have taken the Madhyamaka course at Nitartha.) New Advanced Online Course:  Registration is now

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