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Please contact Nima Bhuti to check your level.

Intermediate Colloquial Tibetan

This course is for those students who already have some grounding in colloquial Tibetan. The focus will be to gain further fluency in reading, speaking and listening to Tibetan using the Central Tibetan dialect. Classes are mostly in Tibetan with minimal English.

Required Texts:

Speak Tibetan the Tibetan Way by Nyima Dekyi (Google Books) and Speak Fluent Tibetan by Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam Peltsok

During the first half hour of class we will practice with the text Speak Fluent Tibetan and during the next 1 hour we will work with Speak Tibetan the Tibetan Way.


If you are uncertain about your level, please contact the instructor, Nima Bhuti at

Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm Pacific Time

Dates: To be confirmed.



Nitartha’s Payment Plan and Financial Assistance (PPFA) program is funded by fellow students to support those who would not be able to attend the Institute’s courses without this assistance. To request aid, please fill out the PPFA application before you register for the course.


Buddhist Tibetan Language teacher, Nima Bhuti teaching at Nitartha Institute.

Nima Bhuti


Nima Bhuti was born in Bhutan, where she completed both her secondary and high school education at the Central School for Tibetan. She then studied Tibetan Buddhism, grammar, history and poetry for two years at the Norbuling Higher Tibetan Studies and Higher Tibetan Studies at Sarah College. Ms. Bhuti is certified in Teaching Tibetan as a Second Language, and received the Best Teacher of the Year Certificate in 2017. She taught Tibetan online at Esukhia from 2013 to 2019, and has continued to teach since then independently and with Nitartha Institute.