Helping Nitartha Institute Grow

“One important part of this challenge is to benefit other beings. In order to benefit oneself we may not need such deep [intellectual] training. But to benefit others we need deep [intellectual] training. This is not only for self-benefit but also for others’ benefit. Therefore, for each day that we study at Nitartha, it’s important for us to give rise to bodhichittta, compassion, and loving kindness for other beings and say, ‘may our studies here bring benefit and joy to sentient beings’ hearts.’ That’s a very important part of our journey here.” 
— Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


You can help Nitartha Institute realize Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s vision to transplant Buddhism to the West, and to train Western students in the full depth of the scholastic tradition.

Please consider making a gift now, no matter what the size. Your generosity will help Nitartha Institute meet its challenges, retain students who need financial help, and will help prepare the ground to make the leap to an actual facility offering year-round courses in Advanced Buddhist Studies.

You can give in a number of ways, from making a monthly donation in any amount, to sponsoring Nitartha with a larger gift, to giving your old vehicle as a donation.

Ways to Give


Your support of any amount in any capacity is deeply appreciated. What your gift supports:

  • Scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend the programs without financial aid
  • Equipment, software, and people power to make online participation widely available
  • Programming costs as we expand to make the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced programs available nationwide and in other countries
  • Translations of the great texts and commentaries of the Kagyü and Nyingma masters, the backbone of the shedra (study college) curriculum
  • Publications of sourcebooks and transcripts that clearly illucidate the teachings, for now and future generations
  • Infrastructure needs as we plan for the launch of a year-round physical facility

Recurring donations give us a stable basis for planning our finances. Of course, if you wish to stop making the payments at any time, you can.


Nitartha Institute welcomes your legacy gift, which will provide future support for teachers, curriculum development, a shedra facility, and students needing financial aid. A legacy gift will continue its blessings far into the future.


Any contribution, large or small, makes a difference! Your support in any capacity is deeply appreciated. Without you we could not fully implement our programs and make these precious teachings available to the world. For details or should you have any questions, please email us at


Of the three types of generosity it is said that the gift of Dharma is supreme. Giving the Dharma is the kindest way to help others—a means to understand the mind and relieve suffering—establishing profound and long lasting happiness. Please help us make these precious Lineage teachings available to those who wish to connect with them!


If our programs and mission inspire you, please consider offering your skills, enthusiasm, and time in the form of compassionate action! Contact us at, we’d love to hear from you!

Although the Institute strives to sustain all of our programs and projects through program revenue and volunteer labour alone, there are always projects that require additional fundraising efforts. How to donate? Click here.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to expand awareness of Nitartha Institute. Through this grass-roots outreach method we hope to cultivate our natural connections, and natural timing, and peoples’ genuine interests in the Buddhadharma. If occasions arise, please talk about us!

Nitartha Ambassadors are current or former Nitartha students, passionate about the Institute, and interested in promoting Nitartha Institute’s classes and the summer program. Ambassadors helps us to spread the word about Nitartha in their local communities, circles of association, or surrounding Buddhist sanghas and universities. If you are interested in becoming a Nitartha Institute Ambassador in your region, please let us know! Questions? Contact us at: