Join Our Ambassador Program!

Ambassadors are current or former Nitartha students who are passionate about the Institute and would like to help us promoting what Nitartha has to offer.

Ambassadors are encouraged to connect with their local communities, family, friends, circles of association, in ways that are natural and organic—not contrived. The hope is to have ambassadors who are willing/able to host events, like open houses, Q&#038;A sessions, meet-ups, one-on-one meetings, etc, for those who are wanting to deepen their understanding of the Buddhadharma. For example, an ambassador from a particular sangha, e.g. Nalandabodhi, might want to casually have a bunch of friends over for an evening to discuss Nitartha Institute and what it offers. Or, another ambassador may want to set up a public open house at their local dharma centre and invite the community at-large. Or, another ambassador may simply talk to their friends and family one-on-one as the occasions arise. The idea is to cultivate our natural connections, and natural timing, and peoples’ genuine interests in the Buddhadharma. So, this is very much a “soft” approach to networking and outreach.</p><p><strong>If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Nitartha Institute Ambassador, please let us know! Questions? Contact us at: <a href=””></a>.</strong></p>


Of the three types of generosity it is said that the gift of Dharma is supreme. Giving the Dharma is the kindest way to help others—a means to understand the mind and relieve suffering—establishing profound and long lasting happiness. Please help us make these precious Lineage teachings available to those who wish to connect with them!