Why Give to Nitartha Institute?

A Message for Potential Donors

Short interviews with Nitartha Institute Faculty: Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, Mitra Tyler Dewar, Israel Lifshitz, Acharya Kelsang Wangdi

Nitartha Institute is a unique place concerning the buddhist path, […] combining both the intellectual mind and experiential heart. It is the first venue where this type of Buddhist philosophical material was presented for an audience of Buddhist practitioners, as opposed to an audience of academics, […] preparing western teachers for the future.

Short interviews with Nitartha Institute Faculty: Dr. Phil Stanley, Dr. Linda Patrik, Stephanie Johnston

If you don’t have strongly committed scholar-practitioners-translators, then people like myself who have only studied Tibetan Buddhism in English would never have access to this material. The Institute has incredible stability and strong organizational structure. Nitartha Institute presents a rare opportunity to actually go in depth into the study side of things, and complement the meditation and virtuous conduct side of things.

Short interviews with Nitartha Institute Faculty: Mitra Tyler Dewar, Dr. Stuart Horn

Our goal is to provide the Institute to as many Buddhist practitioners [as possible], who truly want to study the dharma. However, we cannot draw the resources we need to conduct this Institute simply from tuition alone.

Short interviews with Nitartha Institute Faculty: Scott Wellenbach, Carmen Rumbaut

At Nitartha Institute, being trained in the classical texts of the Buddhist tradition helps bring some insight, some penetration into what is going on in your mind, in your life, and in your world. In order to know how to improve human existence, I think Buddhism, from all my looking around, has the best answers. In terms of Buddhism, where do I get the clearest presentation that makes sense to me and is useful? That is Nitartha.