Nitartha Institute Managing Co-Director

Nitartha Institute is recruiting for the position of managing co-director. The Institute is led by two co-directors and the executive committee. This co-director position will work closely with the other co-director and with the executive committee, faculty, and staff of Nitartha Institute managing the Summer Institute, local and online classes.

The position will average 20 hours per week over the course of a year but will have times of highlighted activity like during the Summer Institute. Free attendance for Summer Institute is included. Pay is $20 per hour for a projected amount of $20,000 per year.


This position is dedicated to the year-round management and development of Nitartha Institute (Summer Institute, local and online classes) including:

  • Bringing Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s vision for the Institute to life
  • Ensuring a sustainable institute with a solid financial basis
  • Leading a team of staff and volunteers
  • Day-to-day organizational tasks: program planning, event organization
  • Long term development

You will be part of a great team and work closely with the other co-director, the marketing director and the fundraising director and executive committee of a successful 25-year running Institute.

Ideal candidate
Strong organizational and communication skills as well as a background in management and leadership (ideally in a non-profit setting). Additional knowledge of event management finance, fundraising, and marketing is a plus.

The ability to work well independently and also work with a dynamic team of experienced administrators, faculty and staff.
Familiarity with Nitartha, the curriculum, and summer program, are all considered a plus but not necessary to apply for the position. 

Send resume to

If you have any questions before applying, please contact Michael at 720-310-0422.