Program Registration

Self-Paced Online Courses

All of the Foundation and Intermediate courses can be taken online at your own pace! Click the green box above to register.

For these Self-Paced Online Courses, the list of required texts for each class can be found on the corresponding Foundation and Intermediate Curriculum course pages. You are responsible for purchasing your course texts. To order, please contact the bookstore at bookstore@nitarthainstitute.org 

Winter/Spring 2020 Cohorts

The following winter/spring 2020 semester courses are open only to specific cohorts.

BUD501: Mind and Its World I – Nalandabodhi Boulder cohort

BUD 530: Mind and Its World IV – Connecticut and the 2019 Summer Institute cohorts

For information about these courses, please contact the registrar, Elena, at eweiss@nitarthainstitute.org