Teacher-in-Training Program

Elements of Training

Nitartha is an inclusive Dharmic environment and welcomes diverse applicants without regard to race, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, or any other protected category under the law.

Nitartha students may apply for the Teacher in Training (TnT) program after they have completed the Foundational and Intermediate courses and have attended at least one two-week session of the Nitartha Summer Institute. A teacher training seminar will be held for TnTs online in the Spring semester (January-April) 2024. All applicants who are accepted into the TnT program should plan to attend.

The first step is for students to fill out the TnT application form which includes a list of the Nitartha courses they have taken, and request letters of recommendation from two Nitartha faculty. These documents can be found on the Nitartha web site, (Website link).

Once the applicant has completed the appropriate application form and the TnT Committee has received two letters of recommendation from faculty, these will be reviewed by the TnT Committee in consultation with Nitartha Institute’s Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Council.

For most Nitartha Institute students, their application documents will be reviewed after the students have completed at least one two-week session at the Summer Nitartha Institute, as part of their completion of the Foundational and Intermediate curriculum.

All applicants will receive notification of the status of acceptance of their application from the Chair of the Teacher in Training committee. Those admitted to the program will be contacted by the TnT Committee to go over the required stages of training. Completion of these stages of training do not guarantee that the student will be invited to finish the TnT program or be certified as a Nitartha Institute teacher.

A Progressive Program for Teachers in Training

TnTs will be expected to participate in the Teacher Training Seminars, offered annually starting in Spring semester (January-April) 2024. This is an opportunity to deeply engage with study materials and practice teaching with peers before starting to teach actual Nitartha classes. These seminars will be facilitated by two regular Nitartha faculty. The progressive stages are listed below, with the TnT trainee taking on increasing responsibility at each stage.

While it is possible that each stage of the program could be accomplished in a single summer institute, this may not always be the case. TnTs should know that they will need to spend as long as necessary at each stage. Each TnT will be assigned a Nitartha faculty mentor who may recommend that the TnT continue developing and refining skills on one stage before moving onto the next. Typically it takes 3 or more years to complete this training.

Typical Training Path for a TnT

Stage One: Training with introductory courses

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Attend at least two weeks of a summer institute (preferably the full month).
  2. Attend a Foundational course.
  3. Review and prepare study questions for this course.
  4. Be present at discussion sessions and be prepared to lead discussion and respond to student questions.
  5. If deemed appropriate, teach one class of a Foundational course. Usually this is an exception for beginning TnTs.

With approval by the TnT’s mentor and teaching seminar facilitators, the TnT can move onto the next stage

Stage Two: Practice Teaching

Primary responsibilities:

  1. In addition to the duties in Stage 1, the trainee will teach at least one class session in a Foundational course.

Once the majority of Nitartha’s authorized teachers approve the TnT moving onto the next stage, the trainee will assume the following additional responsibilities.

Stage Three: Continues to develop and refine skills

Primary responsibilities:

  1. At this stage, the TnT teaching assignment will be based on the trainee’s qualifications and which courses need to be taught. A third stage TnT trainee may be asked to co-teach a course with an authorized faculty member.

Teacher in Training Program Application

Deadline for application to the 2024-26 cohort for Teacher in Training Program: September 30, 2023