Semester courses are presented in several North American regions and are designed for those who cannot take time off to attend the Summer Institute or 9-day courses. Semester courses are equivalent to one two-week session at the Summer Institute and take place in an evening and weekend format over two months. Some of these semester programs are also streamed live online.

Current & Upcoming Semester Courses

BUD 610 Madhyamaka Philosophical Tradition: Not Even a Middle – 2 credits

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Horn

Attendance: Online & In-class

Residential Location: Nalandabodhi Seattle
Nalanda West, Vajra Spot

Meeting Times:
Wednesday Evenings: October 4 – December 13, 2017 (7:00-8:30pm PT)

Course Description: This course is an overview of the final view of the Buddhist philosophy – the Madhyamaka, or the Middle Way tradition of Mahāyāna, which propounds the view of shūnyatā, the emptiness of all phenomena, the transcendence of all views, freedom from elaborations. We will study the presentation of the two truths, their union, and the five great madhyamaka reasonings.

Prerequisites: Foundation Curriculum



The Center of the Sunlit Sky: Madhyamaka in the Kagyü Tradition, by Karl Brunnhölzl, Snow Lion Publications, 2004


Commentary on the Presentation of Madhyamaka in the Treasury of Knowledge by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, Nitartha Institute Publications

Class Topics:

  • Explanation of the term Madhyamaka
  • Ground, path, and fruition of Madhyamaka
  • Prajnaparamitra literature and commentaries
  • Madhyamika sub-schools and the Indian and Tibetan Lineage
  • Three levels of analysis
  • The two truths in Svātantrika and Prāsangika view
  • Union of the two truths
  • Implicative and non-implicative negations
  • Analysis of the nature: reasoning that is freedom from singularity and multiplicity
  • Analysis of the cause: the reasoning that refutes arising from the Vajra Slivers
  • Analysis of result and analysis of both cause and result
  • Analysis of mere appearances: reasoning of dependent origination
  • Selflessness of persons: the sevenfold analysis of the chariot
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