The Institute brings skilled translators, Tibetan masters, and committed students together in an in-depth collaborative effort to preserve texts of the Kagyü and Nyingma lineages and sustain the oral tradition of teaching. The entire process — involving a synergy among texts, translators, teachers, students, transcribers, and editors — is crucial to ensuring an accurate and faithful transmission of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to Westerners.

Through the educational environment provided by the Institute, Tibetan masters with the help of Tibetan-English interpreters present oral commentary on key translations of the major lineage texts. Those oral teachings are then transcribed, edited, and combined with the root translations into publications for use by the Institute’s students and interested others.

Nitartha Institute’s publications department ensures the transcribing, thorough editing, layout and publication of the precious teachings.

Publications from Nitartha Institute

Since the founding of the Institute in 1996, over a dozen texts, some with several volumes, have been taught by Tibetan lineage masters. Many of these transcripts are being developed into Nitartha Institute Sourcebooks.

Other manuscripts by Nitartha translators have been published in the Nitartha Institute Series of books by Snow Lion Publications, as well as by other publishers.

Supplementary materials have also been produced to assist the learning process, including study guides, charts, flashcards, digital versions of course materials and text outlines, samples of formal Tibetan-style debate, and new translations of technical vocabulary. The design of these materials represents a significant pedagogical innovation, as the traditional monastic college curriculum is re-envisioned for a Western learning context.

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If you’re interested/able to support Publications, i.e. offering skills in transcribing, editing, or graphic design, or if you can offer monetary support for a project, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for your kind consideration!


We’re always in need of helpers to listen to audio recordings of teachings/talks and to type transcripts based on those recordings.


Once raw transcripts are produced, editors polish the manuscript, refining language, grammar, syntax, etc.


When the manuscript has been completed by the editor(s) it’s handed over to the designer(s) for final formatting/layout, aesthetic refinement, and preparation for print production.


For the most part, Nitartha Publications is able to support daily operations and small projects from books sales and volunteer labour. However, there are always projects on the back burner which could be expedited and brought to full completion with a bit of extra funding.