Hearing, Contemplating, Meditating

The Buddhist tradition teaches three types of wisdom or knowledge (prajña in Sanskrit): the wisdom arising from hearing, the wisdom arising from contemplation, and the wisdom arising from meditation. Students cultivate this three-fold wisdom by engaging in Nitartha Institute activities. How? They gain knowledge when they listen to lectures; they refind that knowledge when they participate in analytical meditation, debate training and discussion groups; and finally, they allow their insight to take root when they practice resting meditation.

After taking Mind & Its World I, my reading and understanding of Buddhist texts was never the same. For example, the word ‘mind’ no longer vaguely refers to consciousness or perception or a 6th sense organ, it has become an illuminating and specific reference to a term that has a precise definition. My thinking has changed as a result of taking Nitartha courses.

— Mind & Its World I student

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Hearing, Contemplating, Meditating

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