Live Online Semester Courses

Our faculty usually teach semester-long courses in person locally, with online live streaming for those who live elsewhere. Due to the pandemic, all of our semester classes are currently offered online.

These real-time, semester-long courses offer a wonderful opportunity to learn in a live environment with a teacher present to answer your questions, while in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Videos of the classes are recorded and made available on our online campus in case you miss a class or are unable to attend live.

All live online classes are held via Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account to attend and we will provide instructions for students who are new to Zoom.

Each class concludes with an exam, which is aimed at helping you to check your understanding of the material studied. These exams are required for students who would like to request a Nitartha completion certificate, for those seeking academic credit at other institutions, or for those wishing to enter the teacher-in-training program.

Upcoming Semester Courses

  • BUD 502 Clear Thinking

    Sep 6 – Dec 6

  • BUD 520 Mind and Its World III

    Sep 17 – Dec 17

  • BUD 600 Analytical Meditation II

    Sep 5 – Dec 12

  • BUD 654 Sautrantika Debate

    Sep 17 – Dec 10

  • BUD 692 Treasury of Valid Cognition and Reasoning

    Sep 4 – Dec 18

  • BUD 703 Madhyamakāvatāra IV: Entrance to the Middle Way

    Sep 9 – Dec 9

  • Semester Tibetan Language Courses

    Sep 12 – Dec 19