Madhyamakāvatāra III (Part I) Registration

Dates & Time: Saturdays, August 28–November 13, 2021, 9:00-10:00am Pacific time

Prerequisites: It is very helpful to have studied the Foundation and Intermediate Curricula of Nitartha Institute before taking this course of the Advanced Curriculum. Having taken BUD700 on Madhyamakāvatāra chapters 1-5, BUD701 Part 1 on chapter 6, verses 1-23, and BUD701 Part 2 on chapter 6, verses 24-47, is not required, though also beneficial.

This course can be taken for credit towards a Nitartha Institute Certificate of Completion, as well as for non-credit. If taken for credit, completion of the Foundation and Intermediate Nitartha curriculum is a prerequisite. The course is completed for credit by submitting the final take-home exam, reviewed and commented upon by Nitartha Institute faculty.