Hearing, Contemplating, Meditating

According to Buddhism, there are three prajñas, or three kinds of knowledge or wisdom. Traditionally these are known as hearing, contemplating, and meditating. At Nitartha Institute, Buddhist practitioners from all traditions can deepen their personal practice through study, which at Nitartha is a combination of the first and second prajñas, hearing and contemplation.

After taking Mind & Its World I, my reading and understanding of Buddhist texts was never the same. For example, the word ‘mind’ no longer vaguely refers to consciousness or perception or a 6th sense organ, it has become an illuminating and specific reference to a term that has a precise definition. My thinking has changed as a result of taking Nitartha courses.

— Mind & Its World I student

And during Nitartha Summer Institute, students can deepen their practice of the third prajña, meditation, which compliments the first two kinds of wisdom, hearing and contemplation.

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Hearing, Contemplating, Meditating

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