Nitartha Faculty, Mitra Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl, on Wisdom Podcast

In this podcast episode, listen to Buddhist scholar, translator and Nitartha Institute teacher Mitra Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl discuss the profound practice of Mahamudra in Tibetan Buddhism. He highlights the importance of recognizing the true nature of mind as well as the dohā tradition of mahasiddhas, the role of singing and dancing and the voice of women in Mahamudra songs of realization. Mitra  Brunnhölzl also explains the four yogas of Mahamudra, the importance of a qualified teacher and the integration of study, contemplation and meditation for a complete spiritual path. The discussion provides valuable insights for advanced Buddhist practitioners who seek to further their understanding of Mahamudra and achieve ultimate liberation from suffering.

Building upon the foundation of Mahamudra, Mitra Brunnhölzl delves into the rich spiritual heritage and teachings expressed through the dohā tradition of mahasiddhas. These spiritual songs by accomplished yogis and yoginis convey the essence of the teachings and the direct experience of reality. Spiritual singing and dancing, such as the Newar dance style called Charya Nritya, play a crucial role in integrating body and mind, thereby enhancing spiritual realization.

Mitra Brunnhölzl brings attention to the often-overlooked voice of women in the Mahamudra songs of realization. The wisdom and experiences of female practitioners provide a vital perspective for understanding Mahamudra and enriching the practice.

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