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Nitartha Institute aims to provide access to our programs by everyone who is interested in attending our classes. Therefore, we established the Payment Plan and Financial Assistance (PPFA), which is supported by Nitartha Institute students to help fellow students who would not be able to attend Nitartha courses without this assistance. PPFA offers those students a tuition discount and/or a payment plan with installment payments.

To apply for PPFA, please first submit a PPFA application (click here). Once your request is reviewed, we will send you information about how to register. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

If you’re inspired by this project, please consider donating to PPFA below.

We also invite you to make a donation to Nitartha’s general operating fund. This will help us to keep Nitartha running smoothly as well as to reach out to more people so they can connect with the precious opportunities to receive teachings and meditation instructions from Nitartha’s exceptional faculty.

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