Financial Assistance for Nitartha Institute Students

Generosity and demand for Nitartha’s courses at all-time highs.

Please Give Now!

Thank you to all who have donated to our Giving Tuesday campaign to replenish our financial assistance fund, which provides partial and full tuition discounts to students who otherwise would not be able to attend Nitartha. Altogether, we have received over $22,000!

We know many dharma students are struggling to pay the cost of dharma courses and programs. Now, many of those students will be able to study at Nitartha, thanks to all those who donated!

Did you know?

You will be entered into a drawing to win one of several amazing gifts when you donate at least $39 or when you make a recurring monthly donation of $12 or more.

Please consider giving a recurring donation to make the highest impact.

We can do more. . .

Our expanded online presence will continue in 2022, making our courses available to students around the world who would not otherwise be able to attend Nitartha because of distance and the difficulty of travel. But that also means many more students will need tuition assistance.

What can you do?

If everyone gives this gift of dharma, regardless of the amount, we can assist many more students. If just 10 more people contribute $20 dollars, we can provide one more student with a full tuition discount on a semester course.

We are extending this Financial Assistance campaign until the end of the year, and we invite each of you to give whatever amount you can. As our teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche has said, the act of giving is what is important, no matter the amount that one is able to contribute.

Can you chip in to help your fellow students ?

Please Give Now!