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31 05, 2022

Madhyamaka: a crucial stage on our journey to emptiness

Madhyamaka and several more courses will be offered at this year’s Summer Institute in July. The topics are incredible. Don’t miss out! Register for the 2022 Nitartha Summer Institute here: https://bit.ly/si22mind Madhyamaka: a crucial stage on our journey to emptiness On our journey to emptiness, the Nitartha curriculum takes us through several stages. In the Mind and Its World series, we become familiar with how the data coming in through our senses changes from moment to moment. There is nobody who owns it, there is no personal identity. In the Mind Only class we further discover and learn to appreciate how this manifold experience is

18 05, 2022

La mente y su mundo I

La mente y su mundo I y II son los dos primeros cursos del plan de estudios de Nitartha, y se ofrecen junto a varios más en el Instituto de Verano de este año, en julio. Los temas son increíbles. ¡No te lo pierdas! Inscríbete aquí en el Instituto de Verano Nitartha 2022 aquí. La mente y su mundo I: Cognición válida Este curso explora la cuestión: ¿Cómo se obtiene un conocimiento preciso y válido sobre el mundo? Este es el tema de Pramana, o epistemología budista. Normalmente asumimos que lo que sabemos sobre el mundo es válido. ¿Pero lo es? Nuestra mente procesa y

3 05, 2022

¿Qué es lo que nos dice el sutra de Samdhinirmocana?

Rinpoché enseñará este año el sutra Samdhinirmocana. La siguiente entrada del blog es un breve resumen de los 10 capítulos del sutra. Los temas son increíbles. ¡No te lo pierdas! Inscríbete aquí en el Instituto de Verano Nitartha 2022. ¿Qué es lo que nos dice el Sutra de Samdhinirmocana? El propio nombre del sutra nos dice mucho sobre lo que nos depara el estudio de este sutra. En el Instituto de Verano 2021, Dzgochen Ponlop Rinpoché tuvo la amabilidad de compartir con nosotros la inspiración que transmite el propio título. Este sutra se llama Arya Samdhinirmocana Mahayana Sutra. Arya significa noble, exaltado o superior. ¿Qué

15 04, 2022

Nitartha Summer Institute 2022

  Nitartha Summer Institute Registration is now open! We are very excited that for a second year in a row Rinpoche has agreed to give us teachings on the Samdhinirmocana Sutra (The Sutra Unraveling the Intention [of the Buddha]). This is a crucial sutra for the Yogacara tradition of the third Turning of the Wheel of dharma, and one that is very rarely taught. This sutra is the classic source from the Buddha’s teachings for unraveling his intent behind teaching three different turnings of the wheel, as well as for his teachings on the eight consciousnesses, three natures, the ultimate, and the path of meditation that leads to

24 02, 2022

Recruiting for Nitartha Summer Institute Coordinator

Nitartha Institute is looking for aSummer Institute Coordinator! Our staff and Executive Committee are looking forward to working together with a Summer Coordinator for this year’s online Institute! Ideally this year’s Coordinator would also be interested in organizing future Summer Institutes when they are held onsite at a location in the US. The main work of the Coordinator occurs during the Summer Institute, though they will start preparing for the summer in close cooperation with Nitartha’s Executive Committee beginning in the spring of each year. Nitartha's 2022 Summer Institute will be held entirely online from July 1 to July 29. Session 1: July 1 – July 9 Session

27 12, 2021

Buddhist Studies starting in January 2022

Nitartha Institute courses begin in January. There is a lot happening, and all online. Join us! MIND AND ITS WORLD IV: SAUTRANTIKA PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITION Faculty: Dr. Sandra Roscoe and Susan Stewart Learn about the Sautrantika presentation of the ground, path and results, including: objects, two realities, specifically and generally characterized phenomena, manifest and hidden phenomena, the three times, calm abiding and special insight, 37 practices of enlightenment, and much more! When: Sundays, beginning January 23rd, 2022 Read More ..................................................................................................................   COLLECTED TOPICS DEBATE I (BUD 533) Faculty: Dr. Sandra Roscoe and Susan Stewart #f79c00 Learn about the Sautrantika presentation of the

2 12, 2021

Thank you for your generosity!

Financial Assistance for Nitartha Institute Students Generosity and demand for Nitartha’s courses at all-time highs. Please Give Now! Thank you to all who have donated to our Giving Tuesday campaign to replenish our financial assistance fund, which provides partial and full tuition discounts to students who otherwise would not be able to attend Nitartha. Altogether, we have received over $22,000! We know many dharma students are struggling to pay the cost of dharma courses and programs. Now, many of those students will be able to study at Nitartha, thanks to all those who donated! Did you know? You will be entered into a drawing to

24 11, 2021

Financial Assistance for Nitartha Institute Students

Financial Assistance for Nitartha Institute Students Generosity and demand for Nitartha’s courses at all-time highs. Please Give Now!While the last two years have been difficult for many of us around the world, the demand for Nitartha's courses was higher than ever. And even though the tuition for the 2020 and 2021 Summer Institutes was unusually low, the need for financial assistance also hit a record, and we gave 4 times more assistance these past two years than any previous year. Indeed, with your generous donations, students all over the world were able to attend our courses regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you! And, this

15 10, 2021

Samdhinirmocana Sutra Recitation

Samdhinirmocana Sutra Recitation Students who attended the 2021 Summer Institute are invited to join our Samdhinirmocana Sutra recitation events, which will be held in three languages: English, Chinese and Spanish. This is a precious opportunity for us as 2021 Summer Institute students to gather again and continue to enjoy the blessings of this special sutra. As suggested by Rinpoche, we will be reciting the first four chapters of the sutra together, along with our liturgy for this special occasion. The English chants will be screenshared, Chinese and Spanish students will receive the files to recite in their language channel. If you attended the 2021 Summer Institute the

26 08, 2021

Fall Semester Classes 2021

Our Fall Semester classes are starting soon. Registration is open for all the classes. Read more below. BUD702 Madhyamakāvatāra III: Entrance to the Middle Way This course is a continuation of the in-depth study of Chandrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatāra based on the commentary by the Eight Karmapa, Mikyö Dorje (1507-1554). Students complete the bulk of the sixth chapter on the pāramitā of prajñā. The topics covered include a detailed refutation of the proponents of consciousness and an extensive presentation of personal selflessness. It will cover Chapter 6 on Prajñā: 1) Refutation of the Chittamatra, 2) Completion of the Refutation of Production from Both Self and Other and From Neither and

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