31 05, 2022

Madhyamaka: a crucial stage on our journey to emptiness

Madhyamaka and several more courses will be offered at this year’s Summer Institute in July. The topics are incredible. Don’t miss out! Register for the 2022 Nitartha Summer Institute here: https://bit.ly/si22mind Madhyamaka: a crucial stage on our journey to emptiness On our journey to emptiness, the Nitartha curriculum takes us through several stages. In the Mind and Its World series, we become familiar with how the data coming in through our senses changes from moment to moment. There is nobody who owns it, there is no personal identity. In the Mind Only class we further discover and learn to appreciate how this manifold experience is

26 08, 2021

Fall Semester Classes 2021

Our Fall Semester classes are starting soon. Registration is open for all the classes. Read more below. BUD702 Madhyamakāvatāra III: Entrance to the Middle Way This course is a continuation of the in-depth study of Chandrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatāra based on the commentary by the Eight Karmapa, Mikyö Dorje (1507-1554). Students complete the bulk of the sixth chapter on the pāramitā of prajñā. The topics covered include a detailed refutation of the proponents of consciousness and an extensive presentation of personal selflessness. It will cover Chapter 6 on Prajñā: 1) Refutation of the Chittamatra, 2) Completion of the Refutation of Production from Both Self and Other and From Neither and

8 01, 2020

2020 Offerings

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Don’t Miss This Year’s Offerings! Pre-Summer Online Course Registration is Now Open! Click here for information about the pre-summer Mahamudra shamatha, Mahamudra Vipashyana-I, and Luminous Essence (Guhyagarbha) courses, including eligibility requirements and applications. (For those who are going to attend the 2020 Summer Institute and who meet the eligibility criteria.) New Discussion groups: Register now for our first in a series of online discussions with Nitartha faculty: Madhyamaka with Israel Lifshitz, on January 18, 10-11am Pacific time. Free of charge. (This discussion is particularly recommended for those who have taken the Madhyamaka course at Nitartha.) New Advanced Online Course:  Registration is now

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