Nitartha Institute is a globally unique project focused on conveying Dharma into the west society on a profound level. Carrying

Lily L. L. H.

The root of the twelve Nidānas is ignorance. To be liberated is to be free from ignorance through studying, contemplating

Andreas F.

Since I came to Nitartha Summer Institute for the first time in 2014 Nitartha has become like a second home

Doug E.

I attended Nitartha Institute in the summer of 2016 for Mind and Its World 1 (taught by Stephanie and Scott)

Nadine S.

This may have been the best experience I’ve had in my five years of attending the Nitartha summer session —

Birgit and Jim S.

We would most definitely strongly recommend to others to participate in the Nitartha Summer Institute. Especially because of the days’

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