10 05, 2016

The Science of Healing and Mindfulness

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena A Nine-Day Program: August 4-12, 2016 Teaching mindfulness meditation and mindfulness based interventions (MBIs) in health care and society is a mind-body discipline joining experiential understanding, practice competencies, and conceptual knowledge the pedagogy integrating contemplative wisdom with evidence-based psychological and scientific inquiry. For those who facilitate or wish to facilitate mindfulness meditations and MBIs within healthcare, mental health, education, business, leadership and organizational settings, The Science of Healing and Mindfulness: Offers experiential learning, coaching and collective inquiry in the practice and facilitation of mindfulness meditations, compassion practices, and mindfulness based interventions (MBIs) in daily life. Provides clarity as to the origins, meanings,

6 05, 2016

Abhidharmakosha with Acharya Kelzang Wangdi

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena At Nalanda West, Seattle: May 9-28, 2016 Join us for Acharya Kelzang Wangdi’s third year of teachings on Eighth Karmapa’s commentary for Vasubandhu’s Treasury of Higher Knowledge (Abhidharmakośha) at Nalanda West, in Seattle, Monday, May 9th through Saturday, May 28th. He will be teaching Chapter 6, which is on the path as presented by the Vaibhāṣhikas and Sautrāntikas. The chapter begins with the four noble truths and the two truths, and then goes into the details of the stages of the path, which are analogous to the five paths of the Mahāyāna tradition. For context, these teachings are part of Nitartha Institute’s Advanced Curriculum and are

3 05, 2016

Summer 2016 Buddhist Studies Program

Manifest & Hidden Phenomena Join us for the Summer 2016 Buddhist Studies Program! July 15-Aug 13, 2016 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Explore how everyday thought and speech serve as tools for discovering definitive meaning, the unconditioned wisdom and spontaneous compassion of the buddhadharma. Combining an in-depth course of study with training in meditation and analysis, Nitartha Institute introduces 21st century students to the complete Tibetan Buddhist science of mind. Summer Program registration deadline: May 29, 2016. Click here to register now. The Summer 2016 Science of Mind: Buddhist Studies Program is part of our Nitartha Summer Institute—an intensive residential program which occurs annually, over the span of four weeks. Typically, the

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