I have found Nitartha to be an amazing and unique experience. If you are at all attracted to the philosophy of Tibetan and early Nikaya Buddhism, this is for you. I’ve attended the 4 Mind and its World foundation courses and the Chittamatra or “mind-only” class. Nitartha has added a crucial dimension to my practice and clarified and re-positioned my understanding of dharma gained from other contexts. The material is engaging and the teachers are passionate and welcoming. I’ve been able to take a local 9-day intensive course in Vancouver, online and self-paced courses, and attended the 2016 Summer Institute. There is something available for whatever style fits your budget and learning style. Each method has been beneficial for me.

Overall, the material is truly a new lens on how to view your experience and thus what you take to be yourself. I don’t know that I would have been able to gain this perspective or understanding any other way. I highly recommend Nitartha to friends and fellow dharma practitioners.