My experience at Shedra is that the faculty are kind, caring and consider my learning and me. When I was younger than I am now, I never had the opportunity to study a graduated course. One that starts at the beginning and progressively builds stepwise through a cohesive body of knowledge.

(This explains why I am good with money, which is numbers and not good at mathematics’ which is also numbers.) When I got the chance, to attend Nitartha Shedra, I took it and I was rewarded then and now for my effort. I still use the source material in my daily practice and path even though four years have gone by since I have been able to return to my Nitartha Shedra education.

If you want a sharper mind—or the tools that will help you develop a sharper mind—the Nitartha Shedra Program is for you.

If you want to experience the place, the environment, where the tools are used seamlessly by a beginner and by a master, and by all of the gradations in-between, then there is no better way to have this than by attending the Ponlop Rinpoche’s Nitartha Shedra.

If you are a Buddhist and you still have desire then desiring the best, with the brightest, is one way to be on the enlightened path while living and learning with the students and faculty at the Nitartha Shedra.