Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOCs)

Our entire Foundation and Intermediate curriculum are available as self-paced online courses. These are full, complete archived versions of courses that were previously taught by our senior teachers.

You can take these classes online, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home through streaming video or downloadable audio. By taking advantage of these self-paced online courses, you can progress through the Nitartha Institute curriculum at a schedule and pace that suits you. 

You also have access to posted study questions, recommended readings, and exam questions, and you have the ability to contact a distance learning advisor with questions.

We recommend that you take the curriculum in sequence, beginning with the Foundation curriculum. Within the Foundation curriculum it is particularly important to begin with Mind and Its World I: Valid Cognition and its companion course Clear Thinking before proceeding through the rest of the Foundation curriculum.

For these Self-Paced Online Courses, the list of required texts for each class can be found on the corresponding Foundation and Intermediate Curriculum course pages. You are responsible for purchasing your course texts. To order, please contact the bookstore at bookstore@nitarthainstitute.org 

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(Please note that there is a 9-month time frame for completing each course.)

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Complete List of Our
Self-Paced Online Courses

Foundation Curriculum

BUD 500 Analytical Meditation

Foundation Curriculum—Core

BUD 501 MW I: Valid Cognition
BUD 510 MW II: Modes & Mental Events
BUD 520 MW III: Vaibhāśika
BUD 530 MW IV: Sautrāntika


Intermediate Curriculum

BUD 600 Methods of Analytical Meditation

Intermediate Curriculum—Core

BUD 601 Cittamātra
BUD 610 Madhyamaka
BUD 620 Paths and Bhūmis
BUD 630 Buddha Nature


Advanced Curriculum
Coming soon)

Advanced Curriculum—First Turning

BUD 681Abhidharmakośa I: Treasury of Abhidharma
BUD 682 Abhidharmakośa II: Treasury of Abhidharma
BUD 690 Pramānavārttika I: Commentary on Valid Cognition
BUD 691 Pramānavārttika II: Commentary on Valid Cognition

Advanced Curriculum—Second Turning

BUD 700 Madhyamakāvatāra I: Entrance to the Middle Way
BUD 701 Madhyamakāvatāra II: Entrance to the Middle Way
BUD 702 Madhyamakāvatāra III: Entrance to the Middle Way
BUD 703 Madhyamakāvatāra IV: Entrance to the Middle Way
BUD 710 Abhisamayālamkāra I: Ornament of Clear Realization
BUD 711 Abhisamayālamkāra II: Ornament of Clear Realization
BUD 712 Abhisamayālamkāra III: Ornament of Clear Realization
BUD 713 Abhisamayālamkāra IV: Ornament of Clear Realization

Advanced Curriculum—Third Turning

BUD 760 Madhyāntavibhāga: Distinction between the Middle and Extremes
BUD 770 Dharmadharmatāvibhāga: Distinction between Phenomena and the Nature of Phenomena
BUD 780 Uttaratantra & Sūtras of the Third Turning: The Highest Continuum

Extended Advanced Curriculum

BUD 704 Catuhśataka: Four Hundred Verses
BUD 705 Madhyamakālamkāra: Ornament to the Middle Way
BUD 706 Bodhicāryāvatāra: Entrance to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life
BUD 714 Mahāyānasūtrālamkāra: Ornament of the Great Vehicle Sutras
BUD 781 Dharmadhātustava: In Praise of Dharmadhātu
BUD 796 Beacon of Certainty