1 11, 2023

How To Practice In This Time Of Strife – Part 1

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How To Practice In This Time Of Strife Part I: In this time of strife and war there is desire in the practitioner to send positive thoughts of compassion, some prayers. But there might also be a strong tendency to show anger, and blame one of the sides. And, what would be a guidance here, utilizing what we have studied here at Nitartha in the real world situation like this we could benefit from? How do we make this practice? The dharma of our teacher, Gautama the Buddha, the Tathāgata, the fully enlightened Buddha Śākyamuni, is the dharma of dependent origination, pratītyasamudpāda. The original formulation of the

9 03, 2021

How To Look For The Self In The Skandhas

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This excerpt is copyrighted material, please do not use or copy without written permission from Nitartha Publications.This is a continuation of the presentation of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche from Nitartha Institute, July-August 2007, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. Arranged by Jirka Hladiš How to Look for the Self in the Skandhas Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche It would be good for us to practice this meditation today by concentrating first on the question: “Where does the thought that apprehends the self arise from in the beginning?” If we find that our thoughts self originate within the five skandhas, then we should search through each of the five skandhas individually.

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